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We IoTCloudware team are passionate about development of industrial automation applications based on Raspberry PIs. We have been developing solutions since Jan 2018 for local industry. We are now going global with Raspberry PI based products for industrial applications. We have 30+ man years of experience in industrial control systems and software development. We already have our Raspberry PI based industrial applications in production environment for multinational companies in Pakistan.

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Phone: +92 311 0010 472
Address: 2nd Floor, Arfa Karim Software Technology Park, Lahore, Pakistan

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Project Description

  • It was for demonstration in an industrial exhibition we participated in
  • We acquired data from VFD using Raspberry PI (with CH340 RS485 to USB converter) to acquire data over Modbus RS485.
  • Raspberry PI acted as IOTCloudware agent to communicate data To and Fro between VFD to IOTCloudware Cloud platform and ultimately its user
  • User can access live data through web dashboards and mobile applications and manipulate VFD in real time.

Project Details

Delivery Time: 1 month
Technologies: Modbus RS485, Cloud

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